Flow Training (Hands-On) - September 14-15, 2021 - Deer Park, TX

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Contact Emily Jones at ejones@techstar.com for a training quote.

Basic Flow Training: This course will provide a basic understanding of numerous flow technologies as well as concepts applicable to equipment from different manufacturers. Following this introduction, the instructor will provide in-depth training based on the specific technology needs of the customer. This is a one day course.
Basic Flow Training – Hands-On: This course is conducted at the TechStar Functional Verification Unit – THE UNIT in Deer Park, TX. In addition to covering the same subject matter as the basic flow training, students will gain real world experience by completing hands-on flow scenarios in THE UNIT. This is a two day course.
Advanced Flow Training: This course provides in-depth training on vortex, magnetic, ultrasonic and Coriolis flow meters. The session will be a combination of classroom and hands-on training.

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