Intrinsically Safe Wireless Pressure Sensor

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SignalFire Scout Node Pressure Sensor: 0-100 to 0-10,000 PSIG IS Internal Lithium Battery

1/2" NPT Male - 316SS Diaphragm 316SST Material of Construction

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  • Powers integrated pressure sensor and radio for years with an internal battery
  • Class 1 Division 1 Intrinsically safe system
  • Rugged design for outdoor environments
  • Up to ½ mile range
  • ½” NPT Process connection standard
  • Rapid pressure sampling with configurable alarms and report by exception
  • Extremely low power and long battery life
  • Compact and simple to install and maintain
  • Available in standard pressure ranges
  • Pushbutton or remote zeroing

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The first in a line of wireless integrated sensors, the Pressure Scout consists of a pressure sensor integrated with a wireless node and internal battery.  The Pressure Scout is a low-cost alternative to conduit-wired or other wireless pressure monitoring solutions.  Ideal applications for the Pressure Scout include well tubing and casing pressure monitoring, tank level monitoring and compressor station status monitoring.

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More Information


Accuracy: <±0.25% BFSL

Stability (1 year): ±0.25% FS, typical

Over Range Protection: 2X Rated Pressure, Minimum

Burst Pressure: 5X or 40,000 PSI (whichever is less)

Pressure Cycles: >100 Million

Process Connection: 1/2” NPTM 316L Stainless Steel Standard, F250C Autoclave for pressure >10,000 psi, Other process connections/material available

Standard Pressure Ranges: 0-100 psi, 0-500 psi, 0-1000 psi, 0-3000 psi, 0-5000 psi, 0-10,000 psi, 0-15,000 psi*, 20,000 psi*

Low Pressure Ranges: 0-2 psi, 0-20 psi

*additional lead-time may apply


Operating Range: -40 to +176°F (-40 to +80°C)

Compensated Range: 32 to +131°F (0 to 55°C)

TC Zero: <±1.5% of FS

TC Span: <±1.5% of FS