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Intrinsically Safe Windows 10 Tablet


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  • 10.1" AHVA Touchscreen 1920X1200
  • Intel Atom 2.39 GHz
  • 4GB RAM
  • 128 GB SSD

The Aegex10™ Intrinsically Safe Tablet is the most advanced, efficient, lightweight, and rugged Windows tablet that is purpose-built for Zone 1 / Division 1 hazardous areas. Simple to deploy, it is the basis for an Industrial Internet of Things platform for hazardous industries, allowing operations to easily begin their digital transformation to Industry 4.0.

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The TechStar FLEX is one tool for all your programming, troubleshooting and HART maintenance needs.  The FLEX is an open (Windows 10) platform allowing you to install software from several manufacturers on the device.  The competitor's product is closed so you have to use multiple devices to monitor software from additional manufacturers.

Reduces cost associated with buying and maintaining multiple programming and calibration tools

The TechStar FLEX has a huge amount of memory to store manuals, training and reference materials and can access plant WiFi to view training materials such as YouTube.

Allows field personal to get the job done faster lowering the cost-of-service call outs.

The FLEX is hazardous area certified for div 1

Use the device safely on the top of tanks with flammable hydrocarbons.

The FLEX has unlimited HART updates

Lower cost of ownership

The FLEX screen is almost 2x the size of the competitor's product and has a much higher resolution.  This makes it easy to run multiple applications and have drawings or training manuals open simultaneously.

Easier for field personnel to get the job done faster and with a higher success rate lowering the costs associated with maintenance.

The FLEX has an onboard camera and video recording capabilities so you can document problems as they occur or accurately document original installation conditions.

Provides accurate information for troubleshooting decreasing time and cost problem solving.